GIZMA 1.0 has been developed to meet the need to recycle cellular plastics. Focus with GIZMA 1.0 is flexibility and user-friendliness.

By making it mobile and a draft that enables efficient handling of the compressed material, this is the future for recycling of plastic.

The material is broken by its own weight and easily falls into, for example, a Big Bag or Container.

The compression of the material is about 1:30. That is, 30 cubic meters of cellular plastic becomes one cubic meter.

The density is increased correspondingly and thereby there is economy in transporting the material, which now not consist of mostly air.

Cellular plastic has a very high recycling rate and through recycling we save nature’s resources and reduce energy consumption.

GIZMA is intended for use in, for example, recycling stations, construction sites, shopping-centres and large tenant-owner associations.